UFPR Arts Department
Electronic Musicological Review
Vol. 5, no. 1 / June 2000

The Electronic Musicological Review, now in its fifth year, brings articles covering several aspects of the musical production in Brazil. Mónica Vermes considers the movement launched by intellectuals in late-nineteenth-century Rio de Janeiro for the reform of sacred music. Adriano de Castro Meyer surveys works Sigismund Neukomm wrote in Brazil between 1816 and 1821. Rosemara Staub de Barros Zago offers the results of research conducted on the creative process of Gilberto Mendes. Finally, Carlos Palombini reviews a 1999 Chopin recital by Arnaldo Cohen in Recife.

The next issue EMR will present essays about the music of the last decades. Also in preparation is a special number, containing a selection of papers and two key-note addresses from the Seventh Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music.

The Electronic Musicological Review is an internet periodical commited to the advance of musical research in Brazil. EMR editors invite submissions of articles related to historical, critical, systematic, and ethno musicologies. Please consult EMR's guidelines.