UFPR Arts Department
Electronic Musicological Review
Vol. 5, no. 1 / June 2000

The Upper Middle Class Brazilian Thug Likes Chopin

Carlos Palombini comments on Arnaldo Cohen's recital in Recife in April 1999.

Sacred music in Rio de Janeiro in the late-nineteenth century

A panorama of the sacred music in Rio de Janeiro during the first years of the Brazilian republic. The article concentrates especially on a campaign aiming the reform of sacred music and the rescuing of the works of composer José Maurício Nunes Garcia (1767-1830). [Available only in Portuguese]

Neukomm's thematic catalog and the works written in Brazil

A survey of Sigismund Neukomm's (Salzburg 1778-Paris 1858) works composed in Rio de Janeiro (1816-1821). The research is based in three main sources of information: Neukomm's thematic catalogue, his compositions at the French National Library, and his correspondence. [Available only in Portuguese]

Behind the scenes: Gilberto Mendes's musical creation

This article concentrates in the work of Brazilian composer Gilberto Mendes (b. 1922) and his documents of processes--actual vestiges of his creational gestures. The analysis of such documents points out to the links between his work and the Brazilian culture and society of the last 40 years. It also shows a fundamental break in his way of thinking, from a compositional technique based on European models, seen here as dual, to another one plural, universal. [Available only in Portuguese]