Electronic Musicological Review

Volume IX - October 2005

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The present issue of Electronic Musicological Review is dedicated to music cognition, a topic that has gained much attention in Brazilian music research. The first part includes works presented during the International Symposium on Cognition and Musical Arts (SINCAM), organized by the Arts Department of the Federal University of Paraná in April 2005. Around 300 participants from Brazil, Argentina, USA, Finland, England and Portugal attended the event. As a consequence of it, a music cognition research society will be officially established in Curitiba next May 2006, during the National Meeting of Cognition and Musical Arts (ENCAM).

The keynote addresses by José Borges Neto and David Hargreaves are published here in full. They are followed by research papers on performance (Salgado & Martingo), teaching and learning (Bannan), musical development (Ilari), perceptual models (Anta, Martinez and Shifrez) and personality (Kaalinen, Saari, Ravaja e Larni). Although they were not presented at the symposium, two additional papers were published in this issue due to their thematic relevance. Fernando Araújo draws parallels between the ideas proposed by Francis Bacon’s followers and music listening, and Panayiotis Kokoras discusses how Morphopoiesis can serve as a compositional tool to organize hierarchies found in the perception and appreciation of musical form.

We certainly hope that the texts presented here will motivate new investigations concerning music cognition in Brazil.

Beatriz Ilari, Maurício Dottori
SINCAM2005 Organizing committee
Federal University of Paraná